Sporting Clays

Sporting clays offer a safe, competitive way to enjoy shooting with your guests in a controlled environment. It is a great way to introduce new shooters yet also challenge our most advanced shots. Our experienced trappers will instruct each shooter on safety and will also be available to help with basic shooting setup and technique.

Our 13-station sporting clay course displayed across open fields, over ponds, and tucked in hardwoods creates the perfect setting for your 50 or 100 target round. Our course offers single shots, report pairs, and doubles — mimicking high flying ducks, crossing quail, and bouncing rabbits.

Our Flurry station can accommodate up to 5 shooters to test your team skill by showing 50 targets within 1 ½ minutes. You will be pushed to the limit with quick shooting and reloading in this fun team game.

Enjoy Sporting Clays at Meadow Wood